One of the features of the Stop Shot system is that it is tailored to meet the individual clients requirements. Consequently, it is important to ensure that the level of threat is accurately established so that the appropriate system is installed.

The following information is a guide to the successful specification of the system. If there are any specific issues that arise then the Stop Shot staff will be able to assist.

Stop Shot™: – Is a proprietary ballistic and/or blast resistant glass system capable of being tailored to match the perceived level of threat. The system can be retrofitted to existing glass and can be upgraded as threat levels change or applied incrementally as budgets allow.

Level 1 to 6: – Variations of the system that relate to the specific level of intruder, ballistic or blast protection required. Level 1 = low-level intruder; Level 6 = high level ballistic and/or blast. See attached threat level specification sheet for appropriate level.

Intruder and/or Ballistic and/or Blast: – There are some slight differences during installation of the system that make it more suitable for either intruder, ballistic, blast or a combination of all three.

Appearance: – System is generally clear but does come in a range of opaque and solar control options. The coating is available in a silver reflective, medium and light neutral finish. These are relevant if heat, glare or privacy is an issue. If any other special finish is required it can be accommodated but must be applied at the time of installation by a qualified Stop Shot technician or the warranty is voided. Please contact us for further specific advice.

Framing: – Stop shot has developed its own proprietary framing system however if required to match existing décor the system can utilise most off the shelf framing suites. Ballistic system framing may require internal modifications.

Example Specification: – Provide Stop Shot Level 6 Ballistic and Blast system with a silver reflective finish utilising a Stop Shot blast and ballistic framing suite

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